In winter, slippery roads and paths are a big problem, but with the right pair of studded shoes, you can easily walk or run on icy surfaces without any risks. Studded shoes also offer a better grip, which makes it easier to walk and move around without unnecessary body tension.

If you want to wear studded shoes, you can purchase them at many stores or online. You can also make your own with some simple materials.

Studded leather has a bold, edgy look and can add a touch of glam to your clothing or accessories. Whether you use it for crafting or fashion, there are a few things you need to know about using studded leather and how to care for it.

Clean and condition your studded leather every few months to keep it looking supple and luxurious. You can use a soft cloth or brush to wipe off any dirt and debris, but you should always follow the manufacturer’s directions for cleaning or conditioning your leather.

You can also use a special cleaner for leather, or try a product that works best for your type of leather. Just be sure to test it in an inconspicuous spot first, and then use it on a regular basis.

Before you start, mark out where you want to place your studs. Spread them out fairly evenly, but focus on the forefoot and heel areas. Once you’ve marked out the placement of the studs, you can begin screwing them into place.

A hex head screw driver is the easiest way to install these studs, but you can also use a flathead or drill if you need to. Just be careful not to put the screws in too hard or they will chip the surface of your shoe.

Then, place the studs in place and let them dry. This may take a while, but it’s worth it!

Once your studs are in place, you can attach them to the side of your sneaker with glue. I used hot glue and a toothpick, but you can also use some other adhesive that’s safe for your shoe material. Just be sure to allow the glue to dry completely before you walk or run in your new studded sneakers!

If you’re not comfortable working with glue, you can also choose to apply the studs directly to your leather. This will take a little longer and you’ll have to watch the studs as they’re glued into place, but it’s still worth it!

You can also purchase a set of Icebug BUGrip shoes that feature dynamic steel studs that drill into the ice and spring into the sole when you walk or run on hard surfaces. These studs provide superior traction while also being durable enough to last a long time.

If you’re looking to upgrade your running shoes for winter, you can get them studded with sheet metal screws for a low price. A box of #6 hex head sheet metal screws is about five dollars, but you’ll need at least eight for each shoe. This is a great way to turn old trainers into winter runners!