Pork leg jelly is a delicious appetizer which can be served for celebrations and family gatherings. You can make your own version by using a variety of meats. For a full-fledged version, you can add ingredients like meat pulp, spices, and herbs.

The first thing you need to do is to prepare the meat for the jelly. A good way is to soak it in cold water for several hours. This will help remove the tatters and blood clots. Afterwards, you can cut it into small pieces.

After that, you can mix the meat with salt, pepper, and garlic. If you prefer, you can also add some bay leaves. Depending on the recipe, you can add other ingredients to your jelly. It is recommended to add fresh herbs and carrots.

Before starting to prepare the jelly, you need to take out the pieces of meat from the bone. This will prevent you from missing pieces of cartilage or bones. During the cooking process, you will have to scrape away the fat on the top layer. To do this, you will need a knife or a spatula.

Once the meat is removed from the bone, you can slice it and spread it on the plate. You can also decorate the jelly with green sprigs and boiled carrots. Another option is to pour the broth over the meat and arrange the pieces in a mold.

You can also try making it in a plastic bottle with a cut off top. If you do, you can leave some space at the top to add decorations. When you are done, you can put the whole container into a refrigerator. Alternatively, you can freeze it.

Make sure that the temperature is suitable for the type of jelly you are preparing. In order to achieve this, you will need to use the correct amount of water. Ideally, the water should be two centimeters above the level of the meat. There are different housewives’ methods of determining the amount of water, but most will recommend you to drain the first water.

After the meat is cooled, you can pour it into a bowl. Besides meat, you can add eggs, chopped green peas, boiled root vegetables, or any other ingredients. Adding a few fresh herbs can give a special flavor to your pork jelly.

Once you have finished cooking, you will need to set the jelly in a cool place. It is best to let it cool for three to four hours before you start to decorate the jelly. At this time, you can add carrots and onions.

Aspic from pork is considered a nutritious snack for cold days. It is made from various parts of the meat, such as knuckle, claws, and skin. Some cultures call it the food of the gods. While the classic recipe calls for the preparation of pork legs and ears, modern housewives use a large number of spices and ingredients to create a more complex dish.