A Polish Christmas Eve dinner is often a long and laborious meal that includes many traditional dishes. During this time of year, one of the first courses to be served is uszka (Polish ‘Little Ears’ dumplings) and borscht.

Traditionally, these are made with cabbage and mushroom fillings, but you can also make them with vegetables like peas or even mashed potatoes. This is a popular dish for the holiday as it’s easy to prepare and is a traditional part of the traditional Christmas Eve menu in Poland.

The most common borscht recipes include beef broth and cabbage, but you can substitute other vegetables or herbs to change up the recipe. The key to a good borscht is to use the right amount of ingredients so that it’s flavorful and balanced.

This deliciously seasoned beet soup is a Polish favorite and can be enjoyed in any season! Beets provide a rich red color to the soup and add sweetness, while vinegar gives it a tart yet umami flavor. This is a healthy and hearty meal that is sure to please your family and friends!

For this recipe, you will need: roasted beets, garlic, apple, parsley, white vinegar, lemon juice, sugar, dried marjoram, salt, and pepper. You can also add a few dried mushrooms at the beginning of cooking time for extra flavor.

STEP 1: Heat the water in a large pot until boiling. Salt it generously and throw in the uszka dumplings. Allow them to cook for about a minute or so. Once they rise to the surface, remove them with a slotted spoon and place on a plate. Let them cool ever-so-slightly before serving with the borscht.

Once the borscht is finished cooking, you can season it with vinegar and lemon juice until it’s nicely sweet and sour. This is a great way to add the extra flavor you may be missing from your borscht without adding additional calories or fat.

Another option is to add sour cream and some chopped dill to the bowl of borscht. This is a great way to make the soup more creamy and give it a more unique flavor.

If you’re looking for a new twist on this classic Christmas meal, you should consider making these tasty little pierogies. They are smaller than a regular pierogi and closer in shape and size to Italian ravioli. You can choose to make them with vegetable or meat fillings, or you can even add a few pieces of ham for extra savory.

You can find these handy dandy pierogies at your local grocery store, but it’s much easier to make them at home. If you want to make a larger batch of these pierogies, just double the recipe.

A Polish Christmas Eve Dinner is usually made up of a dozen different dishes. While they are all traditional, there are a few that stand out for being special or unique. Besides a delicious borscht, there’s uszka and a carp soup.