Elf on the Shelf is a popular Christmas tradition that gets kids in the holiday spirit. It involves a special elf that lives at the North Pole and comes to visit you each night to report back to Santa what your children have done. It is a fun way to celebrate the holidays with your family and a great way to encourage good behavior.

The first step is to adopt an elf and give it a name. This will help your elf remember who he is and what his job is. Next, make sure to set up a special spot for your elf to live each day. Don’t forget to tell your kids that no one can touch the elf so they need to keep it out of places where they are likely to get curious.

If you are a crafty parent, you can make your elf a little extra special. With a few simple supplies, you can turn an ordinary elf into a creative and useful item that will be loved by the whole family.

A Paper Elf Craft

Make a cute little paper elf for your Christmas tree, or as a keepsake that you can give to your kids’ classmates and teachers. This is a perfect craft for kids of all ages and will look really cute displayed around the house!

Your elf may even surprise your kids with his or her own unique personality. For example, you can create a little elf with a red hat, or one with a green hat.

A Face Mask for Your Elf

You might want to make your elf a face mask so they don’t get lost in the shuffle of the kids at home. This is a very easy to make project with some supplies you probably already have at home!

This elf face mask is also an excellent activity to teach your kids about safety. They can use this face mask to help their elf stay hidden during play time, but when they are asleep at night, they can sleep with their head out!

Whether you’re making an elf for your kids or for yourself, here are some tips to make the process as easy and fun as possible.

A DIY Elf Doll

You can easily make an elf doll with these cute handstitched sewing patterns. You can even customize the hat with ribbons or buttons.

Elves are fun to have, but they can also be a little naughty too! If your elf has been bad this year, you can help him or her learn some life lessons.

Your elf is a very smart critter, and he or she can tell when you are a bit too crazy with your daily Elf on the Shelf activities. So, it is always best to be realistic and not go overboard!

An elf can be a very effective tool to help you stay organized and avoid a lot of stress this holiday season. If your kids are having a hard time getting ready for bed, an elf can make it much easier!