A raincoat is a great addition to any dog’s wardrobe. Not only does it keep your pup dry, but it also helps with warmth, visibility and even skin and coat health!

Making a Dog Raincoat

One of the best parts about making your own raincoat is that you can customize it to fit your dog perfectly. The first step is to measure your dog’s body measurements and draw a sketch on paper that represents the size of the coat you want to make. This way, you know exactly what to buy in order to get a perfect fit for your dog!

You’ll need a piece of fabric that’s the same length and width as your dog’s body. You can either use a piece of fleece, flannel or vinyl, depending on the weather conditions and how cold your dog is.

Once you have your chosen materials, cut the fabric to the appropriate sizes. You can also add extra fabric to make the coat larger if needed. Then, lay the two pieces of fabric together right sides together and pin them together all the way around, leaving about 3 inches open at one end.

Next, sew a hem all the way around the edge of the coat. This will help keep the inside of the coat nice and neat, which is important for a dog’s comfort.

If you are using a hood, sew a hem along the edge of the hood, then either sew the collar on or fold it back. You can also glue Velcro on the hood, which is another option, but you’ll need to test it out before sewing or gluing it permanently.

After you have sewed the hems on both sides, flip your coat over and press it with an iron to flatten the edges. Repeat this step all around the coat until it’s smooth and wrinkle free. You may need to do this several times before you’re happy with the hems.

Clothes pins are a great sewing tool to have on hand. Not only are they easier to attach and release, but they also work as a second set of hands while you’re checking the sizing and positioning of your fabric!

You can also use a piece of reflective tape to help people and cars see your dog in low-light, wet conditions. If you’re going to be taking your dog out for a long walk or ride, this feature can really make a difference!

Finally, make sure your dog’s raincoat has a leash hole and an opening that allows you to connect to your dog’s harness. This will ensure you have easy access to your dog’s harness while walking in the rain!

You can find a wide variety of dog raincoats online. Some even come with a hood. You can also purchase ready-made jackets from various pet supplies stores. But if you have the time and the skills, it’s worth it to learn how to make your own!