The idea of a mini foil tunnel is simple – a metal structure with a plastic cover that is used to grow plants in favorable microclimate conditions. Foil tunnels are an ideal solution for young vegetables, flowers and herbs whose growth is threatened by frost, hail or constant rain.

They are easy to assemble and disassemble and can be used year after year. The foil tightly attached to the steel structure stores heat and prevents wind and rain from damaging the crop. This allows the crops to start growing earlier.

A mini foil greenhouse is particularly suitable for home gardeners, who have a limited space but still want to cultivate certain plants in their garden. They can grow seeds and seedlings or herbs, but also strawberries, wild berries or fruit bushes, like raspberry, gooseberry or vines.

It is important to build the plant tunnel with care – because it is not just about protecting your plants from the weather, but also about making them grow faster and better. The plants grow quicker and healthier because the greenhouse provides a warm and stable environment, which stimulates root growth and encourages the development of new stems.

Nevertheless, it is important to choose the right model of foil tunnel – not all models are suitable for all types of cultivation. In addition, the quality and price must be taken into account.

In this case, we recommend a foil tunnel made of hot-dip galvanized steel from Krosagro, which meets all requirements for multi-season horticultural construction. The structural elements are tested and certified, and the whole frame can withstand snowstorms and strong winds.

This foil greenhouse is made of four individual segments that are connected by three side members. The frame can be easily adjusted to the desired height and is a great option for small gardens, flower beds or balconies.

The mini-foil greenhouse is a useful accessory for vegetable gardeners who prefer to grow small plants. It is especially suitable for growing seedlings, and for introducing plants to the house garden in early spring.

It is an economical alternative to a prefabricated plant tunnel, and it offers many benefits: reliable protection against the wind, frost or rain, a healthy microclimate and the ability to start cultivation earlier.

In contrast to other structures, foil tunnels are relatively inexpensive, and they can be quickly assembled by the gardener, as the assembly process is not time-consuming. They are also easy to disassemble and transport.

A foil greenhouse is perfect for storing various pots filled with vegetables, flowers or herbs, as well as for sowing and growing seeds and seedlings. It is also a great way to introduce your children to gardening.

It is also possible to use it as a storage room for tools and equipment, since it protects them from the weather. It is an excellent solution for the kitchen, too, because it is a good place to store herbs, spices and other items that you don’t need all the time.