A blanket fort is a fun way to enjoy an afternoon with the kids or just relax by yourself. It’s also a great way to make use of any extra space in your home.

The first step to building a house out of blankets is to gather up all of your blankets, throws, quilts, and comforters and then decide which ones are worth keeping and which should be decluttered. It’s easy to get wrapped up in this blanket clutter, so be sure to take a few minutes to organize your collection before you tackle this mission.

Once you’ve decided which blankets are worth keeping, it’s time to figure out where to store them. Blankets can be stored in a number of ways, including in closets, under beds, and even stacked in fabric bins on shelves.

Keep Blankets Handy by Using Ladders

A ladder is an excellent way to maximize storage space and keep blankets easily accessible. You can find blanket ladders at most home decor stores, or you can easily make your own. Start by lining up the rungs of a slim ladder against an empty wall in your living room or den, then fold and space out your favorite blankets along the rungs.

If you’re looking for a tidier option than a blanket ladder, try a woven lidded basket. They’re often crafted from natural materials, and their woven designs often help them to look tidier than standard baskets.

Alternatively, you can hang a crate on the wall to store blankets and pillows in style. If you have a wicker or wood-themed living room, this is a perfect blanket storage solution because it offers airable storage without taking up too much floor space.

Turn an Old Trunk Into Blanket Storage

If you have an old trunk that isn’t being used for anything else, it can be turned into storage for blankets and other essentials in your living room or family room. This is particularly useful if you have an heirloom blanket that you don’t want to part with, but it can also be used for storing a variety of other items.

This is a super easy and inexpensive way to declutter your home. Simply remove any blankets that are stained with blood, body fluids, chemicals, paints, or other things that you don’t want in your closet.

A Blanket Chest is a Beautiful Addition to Your Living Room

A blanket chest is an easy and affordable way to keep blankets close at hand in your living room. Its simple design makes it a great choice for anyone who loves blankets and wants a cozy place to stash them when they’re not in use.

You can also use a blanket chest to organize other items in your living room, like your DVDs or games. If you have a large collection of books, you can use a blanket chest to hold them all in one place.

Organize Your Blankets by Color and Texture

When it comes to blankets, you can’t go wrong with ones that are colorful and have varying textures. Stack different colors of blankets and keep them in a fabric basket on your shelf to create visual interest and texture while making it easy to locate the blankets you need when you’re feeling cold.