Facebook doesn’t have a built-in collage maker, but there are several apps you can use to create and share a photo collage on your Facebook profile. Some of these apps even let you add a caption, clipart or change the background to your photo.

PicsArt is one of the most popular photo editing apps on the market. It offers a range of different layouts and allows you to upload photos from your camera or from free sources like Facebook’s photo library.

It also has an extensive library of templates, making it easy to create a beautiful cover photo for your Facebook page, blog or social media account. It’s the perfect way to share your favorite memories with friends and family.

The best part about using PicsArt is that it’s incredibly simple to use, even for those who are new to photo editing. Simply sign up, link a social network account or follow on-screen instructions to get started.

You can then choose a layout for your collage and add the photos you want to include. You can also swap photos around and resize them, all in the same place.

Another popular collage app is PicCollage. This app is simple to use, and you can even add captions or clipart to your collage. However, you will need to pay for additional graphic elements.

Fotor is another online collage maker that can help you make a gorgeous photo collage for your Facebook profile or page. It’s packed with 370+ templates to choose from and has plenty of features to customize your layout.

To start, open the software and select “Make a Collage” on the main menu. You’ll then be able to choose from a variety of layout types, including lovely artistic collages for your family photos, photo grids and photo stitching to make a collage of multiple photos.

The smart layout tool in TurboCollage will automatically arrange your pictures to get a layout you love. This is especially useful for making photo grids with unequal photos that you’ll want to fill the whole Facebook Cover area.

It also lets you easily resize your collage to fit the perfect size for your Facebook page or profile picture, and even share it directly onto your wall and story to engage with your followers and build your fan base.

You can even use it to design invitations and greeting cards for special occasions, and print them in high-quality.

Besides the basic layout options, Fotor has hundreds of frame and effect templates to give your photo collage a professional touch. You can also add a themed icon and a caption to complete the look.

In addition, you can edit your image with text and a number of other tools, such as filters, frames and a range of cliparts. You can also add a photo to your collage to make it more personal.

Once you have your picture ready, you can download it to your phone and post it on Facebook. If you’re using an app that leaves a messy watermark once you download it to your phone, you can use your phone’s screenshot function to crop out the part of the picture you want. This will save your undisturbed version of the picture to your phone for better quality and will allow you to share your picture on your Facebook page without worrying about a watermark.