Clinker bricks are an old-fashioned material that a century ago found a place in Arts and Crafts homes, thanks to their organic shapes and twisted lines. Today, these discarded chunks of vitrified clay have been rediscovered by home-builders who are seeking something different from the uniform, modern bricks of the past.

If your home is in need of a facelift and you’re looking for a way to add a little personality, try incorporating clinker bricks into your new barbecue. It’s easy to do, and will create a rustic, organic look that will blend well with your other landscaping features.

Before you begin laying the bricks for your barbecue, mix up a mortar mixture that consists of five parts sand to one part cement. This will give you a stiff consistency that will be easier to spread with your trowel.

Once you have mixed up the mortar, lay out a 10 mm thick layer of the mixture on your soon-to-be barbecue outline and then use the trowel to spread the mixture out evenly. Next, lay down the first brick and check if it’s properly levelled by pressing it in with your trowel’s tip. Repeat this for the rest of this layer’s bricks.

The next step is to stick metal ties into the mortar at every spot that will connect the inner wall of your barbecue with the longer wall, giving it extra strength. Once this is done, you’ll be ready to begin laying the rest of your bricks for your barbecue!

Using a stone slab to base your tabletop on is another great option for your barbecue. This will also provide extra support for the grill grate and ashtray, which can be placed on top of the slab.

You can also build a side table, which will allow you to sit and talk to your family while you cook dinner on the barbecue. This will require a little bit more planning, but it is a great addition to your new barbecue!

As you work your way through the first two courses of bricks, make sure to leave a half-inch space between each brick for the mortar joints. Then, when you reach the end of the first row, stagger the bricks so that a full brick is used in the middle of each row and a half brick at the ends.

Now, begin working up the remaining courses of bricks in the same way, making a U-shaped shelf for your grill grate. Once you’ve completed the initial seven rows of bricks, you’ll need to add a final layer of regular-shaped bricks in order to make a complete barbecue.

The finished barbecue will be a sight to behold. It will be a unique addition to your garden that will serve as a centerpiece for your summer parties and a great source of fun for you and your friends!

You can also choose to personalise your barbecue with bricks of a different color or by adding a few decorative stone setts. This will really bring it to life and will add an authentic, rustic feel to your barbecue.